Heartscape is a one-hour long Sound Journey with sounds intermingling with the voices of nature. Carefully crafted to bring you a powerful inner journey. An invitation to close your eyes and travel inwards.


I’ve crafted a sound therapy for grounding, which I have called Heartscape.

I have embarked on a very special relationship with sound. Beautifully mysterious, it feels like a hidden language of the universe. I have sharpened my senses, listening to my surroundings. Documenting sounds. Collecting them. Weaving them together.

This work started as research with sound, where I have documented sounds of nature in my surroundings. On the side, I started to develop a series of sounds that I could use for my own meditative practice and moments of rest.


By involving sound in my own journey of self-exploration, I have travelled deep within in my inner & outer worlds. The more I worked on this scheme of instruments the clearer I could visualise a clear journey in space.

It progressed as an experiment with composition, arrangements and unfolded as a one-hour long Sound Journey, with 10 different non-interrupted phases, carefully crafted to bring the listener into a powerful inner journey.

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