David Mourato Studio Cat

My emotional connection to sound and frequency leads me to compose music with a raw and heartfelt approach. I find my inspiration in the fleeting beauty of life. My work expands from a personal artistic endeavour to a way to share the medicine of sound with others. I compose music to dream, sound journeys to go inwards, and soundtracks to heighten atmospheres. I’m never not listening, never not feeling, always receiving the language of sound.

“I have embarked on a very special relationship with sound. Beautifully mysterious, it feels like a hidden language of the universe. I have sharpened my senses, listening to my surroundings. Documenting sounds. Collecting them. Weaving them together.”

Nostalgia, the fleetingness, and poetry of life is something that strikes a chord for me. My relationship to music is meant to be lived through the heart. This realisation led me to simplify my process and approach in a much deeper and raw way, extracting from my very essence.

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